Expat Experiences, New York

Mmuseumm, New York

Mmuseumm or Museum?

Don’t worry, I didn’t spell that wrong.

Last weekend we went to visit the Mmuseumm which is teeny tiny modern art museum founded by Alex Kalman and located in lower Manhattan in Cortlandt Alley.

The Mmuseumm has a very specific style of exhibits known as ‘object journalism’.

Mmuseumm, New York

We successfully tracked the Mmuseumm down to its hidden location

Spotted in a beam of sunlight in the alley

Spotted in a beam of sunlight in the graffitied alley and thought it was an interesting image


You need to be comfortable with small spaces in order to appreciate this little gem as it’s based in a disused freight elevator. This makes itonly six foot by six foot but crammed full with incredibly interesting objects.  I really do love these unique attractions you find hidden all over the city.

You need to be patient and considerate when exploring this tiny museum because the space is so limited. You may need to wait to enter.

There’s a lot of written information to accompany the exhibit items and people do read very slowly – or so it feels while you are hanging around outside. You can take the guide away to read later to be considerate in making space for others to enjoy the museum.

Harry checking out the tiny mmuseumm

Harry looking at the elevator-sized mmuseumm

Exhibits at the Mmuseumm

The items on display do change, just like any museum, so you should look at the website to see what’s currently available.  They recently celebrated their five year anniversary so there’s several past exhibitions too.

I have posted some photos down below of items we saw and some brief explanations as examples but this is a fraction of what was on display.

If you can, go check out the place for yourselves.

The Mmuseumm has windows with small exhibits

Even before you enter the Mmuseum, they have window displays

Travelling Exhibitions

Amazingly the Mmuseumm also do travelling exhibitions.  Currently, they have one at the Met called Sarah Berman’s Closet which looks nothing like my closet as it’s very clean, organised and incredibly neat.


The Mmuseumm ask a donation of at least $5 when you visit and you get a very thorough inventory for this.  Of course, donating more helps support the Mmuseumm.

You can find the Mmuseumm on any map and here are their directions for getting there: Visit the Mmusemm.

On Display

A collection of test writing

This is a collection of test writing – how we all test new pens – from the collection of Hiroki Terai

Insect Chic - food made with insects

Insect Chic – food made with insects in the interests of sustainability 

Personal Items of Immigration

Personal Items of Immigration

Personal Items of Immigration

Personal Items of Immigration

Personal Items of Immigration

Personal Items of Immigration

Toilet Plunger

Toilet Plunger – San Francisco, 1990 – When a man collapsed from a heart attack, his son used the plunger to successfully perform CPR

Life saving items

Each of the innocuous household items in this photo saved a life, sometimes by accident and sometimes through desperation. Visit the Mmuseumm to find out the specifics

Smartphone with bullet hole

Smartphone that saved a gas attendant’s life by deflecting a bullet during a robbery

Bible with bullet hole

This bible, kept in a chest pocket, saved a soldier’s life in 1917 by deflecting the bullet

Two watches on display

The watch on the left shows the face of Saddam Hussein, issued by Iraqi Airways and the watch on the right is the Dr NakaMats watch

Gimlets from the Amish community

Amish Gimlets which help with building furniture and houses as an alternative to electric drills

3D skull print

A fascinating item – a 3D print of the Taung skull. Discovered in 1924 by miners in South Africa, the original skull was found to belong to a child 2.5 million years ago. This discovery led scientists to understand more about the evolution of humans.

A braille Rubik's cube

Designed by Konstantine Datz, the colours on this Rubik’s Cube were replaced with raised colours, shapes and textures. The braille spells out the colours. 

Selfie Stick

A selfie stick to reflect the potential that they may act as lightning rods in storms, attracting deadly strikes

Innocuous deadly household items

A few items that people claim were directly responsible for the deaths of people e.g.: the golf ball and hockey pucks both struck people in the head and they later died

Deadly toothpaste

Toothpaste that may have caused a woman to go into anaphylactic shock as a result of severe allergies and pass away

Mmuseumm guide Mmuseumm guide

Look at the sheer size of the guide you get!  This is worth the $5 donation alone, it’s so intricate and detailed


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