Memory Bears


Because we move a lot, we don’t keep much.  We’re not that sentimental (ok, I’m not and as Packer in Chief, I decide what we keep) but we do have a storage locker in Scotland and when we’re home we pop in to remind ourselves what’s in there.

On one such trip I found some items I’d kept from when the kids were babies.  I’d always meant to buy nice memory boxes for the items, traditional stuff like first shoes, first outfits, cards etc but never actually gotten round to it. Story of our lives 😉

Recently I’d read about the idea of memory bears where an adept crafty person could create a bear (or suitable toy) out of special items of clothing / material for keepsake purposes.  This seemed both charming and a winning long term storage idea so  I gave the kids’ coming-home-from hospital-outfits to my Mum and made tentative plans to have bears made but then we moved to Kenya and the plans fell through.

The idea was filed at the back of my brain to be resurrected a decade from now.

Mum to the Rescue

My Mum had different ideas though. Far more organised than me, she found someone to carry out the task, sent off the clothes and payment and waited patiently for a few months until the work was done.  I, obviously, had no idea this was going on.

When my parents came to NYC to visit us in December 2016, Mum announced they had brought a surprise for us.  Usually their international treats consist of requested items like crisps, sweets and other edible items from home so I was curious.

Mum produced these two wonderful memory bears, one for Emma and one for Harry.  Aren’t they amazing?  The lady who made them, Karen Salt, had pieced together parts of the bear coverings from the kids’ special outfits and they turned out wonderfully.

Memory Bears

Harry’s bear on the left made primarily from his favourite babygros and Emma’s bear on the right made primarily from her coming home outfit ♥

I love the idea of these bears because while most of us have such special items from our own childhoods, or from when our kids were babies, we shove them in boxes and bags and rarely think about them.

Now the kids can keep these special bears forever, put them on display (they’re not really to be played with) and treasure what they represent.

Lovely keepsake bears

I really appreciate the effort my Mum went to in having the bears made and the work by the creator, Karen.  Her links are at the bottom of the page.  Thank you, Mum and Dad xx


Handcrafted Memory Bears by Karen Salt – Facebook and website.


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