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Macy’s Flower Show 2017

Flowers Galore

Each year, to welcome the advent of Spring, Macy’s in Herald Square put on an amazing flower show.

2017 was the 43rd such event and ran from 26 March to 9 April.

Macy's Flower Show 2017

Macy’s Flower Show 2017

Coney Island

Every year the theme of the flower show is different. 2015 was Art in Bloom, 2014 was the Secret Garden and so on.

This year they went to Coney Island and succeeded in bringing the rides and atmosphere to Manhattan in an awesome, floral display of blooms and colours.

  Rabbit flower pot

Some crazy decorating going on here

Interesting mer-horse display

Mer-horse? Horse-maid?

Merry go round horse flower pot

Giddy up

Beautiful flower display


Beautiful flower display

Thrills and spills

Sights included a ferris wheel, a carousel, a fortune teller and bumper cars.

The flowers took up the entire ground floor and there was so much to see.  I did feel sorry for any workers with hayfever but it’s a beautiful display.

Carousel display

Excellent carousel display

Ferris wheel in miniature

Ferris wheel in miniature 

Pretty ticket booth

Roll up, roll up, buy your tickets here

Fortune Teller

Step in, cross a palm with silver and have your future told

Window Displays

On the street the windows held amazing sights too, ranging from a (terrifying) clown to a knife throwing act and much more.

Window Display

Lots of great window displays too

Window Display

Strange and unusual just about covers it

Window Display

I hope you have a good aim

Clowns are never a good thing

Gulp!  This one is pretty sinister

Next year the display should be around the same time of year so if you’re in town, go check it out. Get there for Macy’s opening as it’s always a circus there though!

Macy's flower show across the ground floor

Going up the escalator you can see the flowers everywhere

Macy's flower show 2017

Pop in and visit if you’re in town next year during the flower show

Macy’s Flower Show Website

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