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Escape the Room

Can We Escape?

With my parents kindly offering to babysit the kids one more time before they had to go home, Alister and I gleefully escaped for an evening off.

With no idea what to do and me with what felt like (but wasn’t) a broken foot from falling down the stairs, options were limited.  Somehow we ended up at Escape the Room NYC.

Escape the Room NYC

Dare we take the challenge?

What Now?

Escape rooms are pretty simple – you get locked in a themed room where you have to solve clues in order to escape and all against a fairly tight time deadline.

The rooms are a common team building exercise but anyone can take part with friends, family or just join a group of strangers and make some new friends.

Most rooms have themes such as prison cell, space, adventure, haunted etc.  We attended the Midtown branch and our room was mystery themed.


For the sake of keeping the mystery going, I won’t give away any details about the room or any specifics about clues but basically we were given general instructions, thrown into the room with four other people and let loose.

We had to solve a series of clues that gave us padlock combinations that in turn opened containers with more clues. Ultimately the aim is to solve all the clues in order to open the locked door – and you’re up against the clock!  You have 60 minutes to escape and the countdown timer is constant reminder of how fast time can fly when you’re anxious and confused 😉

The guide does watch via CCTV and will occasionally offer guidance or clues if she feels you need it so you’re not on your own but it’s not easy either.  You’re not led to the answers and escape is not at all guaranteed.

Our Team

As we booked last minute, Alister and I joined a group of four friends who had done the experience before albeit different rooms.  They were clearly experts, knowing how and where to look for potential clues and Alister also caught on instantly.  Blessed with an annoyingly analytical brain, he was in his element.

I, however, am cursed with incredibly poor observational skills and need far more time than my husband to work things out.  So I mainly ‘helped’ by limping around, admiring the decor and stating the obvious.

Yes, I WILL join your team.  Thank you for asking!

The Outcome

I know you’re all wondering – did we escape?  I am pleased to announce I solved the mystery!  Ok, no, I didn’t at all but we did manage to solve the tricky puzzles (and some really were confounding) and escape with 11 minutes to spare.

In fact, to prove how oblivious I am, I didn’t even realise we’d ‘escaped’ until I heard the guide talking to the team and noticed the open door.  Oops… Despite my poor detective skills, I really did enjoy the evening, it was a lot of fun but it’s helpful to bring a genius along with you ;-).

The experience would be a great activity with friends so we hope to go again as a team and next time, I won’t let anyone else participate until I solve at least one clue.  That should drive Alister to stage a break out in about three minutes.

Nailed it!

Nailed it!



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