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Dale Chihuly Exhibit @ NYBG

Chihuly Art Installation Exhibit

Last month we had chance to swing by the New York Botanical Gardens (NYBG) and see an art exhibition by Dale Chihuly.

Dale Chihuly is an American glass sculptor who has been producing large scale blown glass pieces for several decades, designing and instructing glass blowers in his visions.


From April to October the NYBG showcased Chihuly’s work in his first NY exhibit in 10 years.

20 beautiful and unusual pieces were featured along with an interactive guide throughout the whole of the beautiful grounds, letting attendees not only appreciate the amazing glass sculptures but enjoy the spring gardens too.

Even more wonderfully, the sculptures could be viewed in the evening, lit up against a NY backdrop.


The sculptures had to be seen to believed.  Amazing in design, technique and colour, I’m glad we had time to go see them and wander the gardens.

We didn’t get to see them all as Harry’s patience for walking is limited (no scooters allowed in the NYBG, sadly, but probably a good idea what with the GLASS sculptures scattered around) but here are some photos I took while we were there.

All descriptions are from the NYBG interactive guide which you could listen to as you walked around.

Sol del Citrón at Chihuly exhibit

Sol del Citrón – composed of individual pieces that create a whole

Macchia Forest

Persian Pond and Fiori – the bright leaves resemble floating water lily leaves

Macchia Forest

Macchia Forest – an expression of colour and light

Scarlet and Yellow Icicle Tower

Scarlet and Yellow Icicle Tower – an exploration of colour and form inspired by freezing temperatures

Neon 206

Neon 206 – the neon gives the structure the impression of movement

White Tower with Fiori

White Tower with Fiori (and Emma) – blown in Czech Republic in 1997, the tower has to be carefully assemble anew in each exhibit spot

Glasshouse Fiori

Glasshouse Fiori – not based on plants but blown naturally to appear like fantastical plants

Red Reeds on Logs

Red Reeds on Logs – the logs upon which the thin glass blades rest were collected from the NYBG grounds

Sapphire Star

Sapphire Star – comprised of hundreds of spires with each an intense colour blending to a pale colour

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