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Blood Manor – A Halloween Experience

Feeling Brave?

It’s October which means Halloween is around the corner.

When we first visited NYC in 2007 I took a tour of Blood Manor, which is a haunted house attraction in New York’s Hudson Square District but as Alister was watching Emma, who was only a baby at that time (conveniently for Alister who would rather do almost anything than walk around this kind of haunted house), I did the spooky walk myself.

It’s not nearly as much fun without a friend to hold on to and scream with so when my friend, Irina, invited me to go with her this year, I jumped at the chance.

Blood Manor

Dare you enter Blood Manor?

Press Preview

Irina was on duty at the press only event (check out her wonderful blog: Bigapplemama) but we threw ourselves into proceedings, mingling in the waiting area as we waited for the go ahead to take our turn.

Events livened up considerably when some of the hideous monsters suddenly escaped from Blood Manor and scared the wits out of us in the waiting area, arriving without warning and announced only by screams of terror.  Our screams.

Look, unexpectedly feeling warm breath on your neck and turning round to find a bloodied and deranged clown inches from your face is extremely disconcerting, ok?

Face to face with fear!

Yikes, killer clowns!

I have to give my ‘friend’ a shout out here.  Thanks, Irina, for telling every killer clown we came across how much I hate them!  They loved that.  Couldn’t get close enough to me upon hearing of my coulrophobia (thanks to Stephen King’s writing and Tim Curry’s excellent portrayal of Pennywise, I have a well ingrained clown phobia).

I also got the distinct feeling my card had been marked for when I did finally enter the Manor.  All in good fun.  Gulp!

Trying to smile

Making new friends – reluctantly

Entering Blood Manor

Finally we were called to enter the house of horrors.  We were allowed in 2 or 3 at a time and Irina made me promise – PROMISE! – not to let go of her hand at any time or to abandon her.  I’ve done a few of these horror tours before so I warned her to keep up with me as my technique is to move fast and get out asap.

It didn’t help that as we waited, giggling with nerves, in the corridor we could already hear the screams of the group before us.

Irina throws herself into proceedings with glee

Irina tries to avoid a fate worse than death

I won’t spoil the tour itself – you need to go along to experience it yourself – but it was great fun.  Consisting of spooky lighting, convincing horror movie sets, buckets of fake (hopefully fake?!) blood and actors who clearly, thoroughly (perhaps too much?), love their job the tour is a successful mixture of scares and hysteria that should round off your New York Halloween experience nicely.

Another victim is consumed

A tasty snack for the zombies

Don't blink!

Don’t blink!

As promised, I led the way while holding firmly onto Irina who was screaming and screeching as though the hounds of hell were scratching at her heels.

Irina was in charge of photos and videos for the social media push and the photos show my face set resolutely as I cautiously push open each set of curtains, twitching in anticipation of what lay behind them.  There may have been some inventive swearing.

We managed to stick together – the first time.  We took a second lap (me, reluctantly, and Irina with a demented glee) whereupon she abandoned ME!  Friends, eh?! 😉


Irina and I unaware of the danger

Irina and I before the horror begins

A Fun Filled Evening

If you like this kind of thing, if you like being scared and you love Halloween, you’ve got to go.  Take a bunch of friends, have a drink or two, and be prepared to throw yourself into the fun.

You’ve got to get involved, to put aside your sensible self, suspend your disbelief and be thoroughly prepared to play your role with abandon.  Your role of unwilling, tasty, tasty victim…

This monster was actually very nice and friendly

“Make friends!” Irina screamed at us

The Bride!

Uh oh, the vengeful bride seeks her murderous groom

I don't even know what is happening here

A cry for help, I think

Escaped prisoner

This one did not like me, I could really tell

chop chop

This scary lady was having a lot of fun rampaging with her deadly ax

If she start speaking in Latin, I'm off

Summoning something scary

How did she escape?!

See, told you she hated me

If she calls, don't answer

Samara comes to visit

Don't play with knives, kids

That’s just unhygenic!

I'm on the menu

Eww, too close!

Now there's an offer!

I managed not to ‘win’ a t-shirt.  Phew!

Check out their website for details and their Twitter for more photos.   Have fun!  Don’t scream yourselves too hoarse 😉 :-O


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