Welcome to my blog, ExpatWanderlust.  Here I write about our family travel experiences along with parenting, lifestyle and freelance articles. 

In 2006 my husband and I had our first child and decided there was no better time to emigrate than with a year old toddler.  

This early mid-life crisis resulted in a move from our home in Scotland to the beautiful Cayman Islands where we stayed for three years enjoying the sun, sea and sand.  After this, we relocated to Bosnia and Herzegovina for 18 months before returning to Scotland to have our son in 2012.

My husband spent some time working in Kosovo before we moved as a family to Nairobi, Kenya.  We stayed here for two and a half years before moving to New York.   We never know where life will take us next but we do love the journey and experiences.  

Please enjoy reading our adventures and observations about the places we've lived and visited over the last decade.  Travelling with kids is not always easy but ultimately it's incredibly rewarding (for them!) and never dull.  Travel is our passion and we're thoroughly enjoying raising two young globetrotters.

If you'd like to get in touch, my email is expatwanderlust@gmail.com.


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