The Sedlec Ossuary

Church of Bones One of the most amazing places we’ve ever been is The Sedlec Ossuary located in Kutná Hora, the Czech Republic. We visited while on a trip to Prague in 2002 and took a day trip out of Prague to Kutná Hora, having read about this unusual church. The trip consisted of an amazing… Read More The Sedlec Ossuary


New York Rules

The Rules As a relative newcomer to the city, I have some thoughts and feelings on how we should all best conduct ourselves to get through our day in this small, overcrowded city without snapping. Observance will make your life – and mine – easier.   Ok, ok, it’s a beautiful city.  Calm down. General… Read More New York Rules

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Escape the Room

Can We Escape? With my parents kindly offering to babysit the kids one more time before they had to go home, Alister and I gleefully escaped for an evening off. With no idea what to do and me with what felt like (but wasn’t) a broken foot from falling down the stairs, options were limited.… Read More Escape the Room

Expat Experiences, New York

Endless Winter

Will Winter Ever End? Finally the sun is shining and the ants have arrived.  It must be Spring!  It felt such a long time coming, the winter went on for at least three years. Maybe it’s because we came from Kenya where we didn’t get much in the way of cold weather but the winter… Read More Endless Winter


Kids TV

Kids TV and the Questions Parents Have If you have kids, you probably watch too much kids TV.  If you’re the kind of parent who disapproves of TV, this is not the blog for you.  I wholeheartedly embrace the digital babysitter.  If the TV could dispense food, life would be complete. Anyway, the point being… Read More Kids TV